Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thurs, Sept. 15, 2011

Current painting is 24" x 36." Very simple shapes with a lot of brushwork reveal. Many, many color washes - it's not merely two colors (click on image to enlarge, to get a sense of the surface complexity).

At least for the time being, it feels necessary to get down to very basic shapes that are pleasing to my eye; they seem to portend an essence greater than themselves. The title "Obeisance" has come from out of nowhere. The shapes of everything have become increasingly apparent on my daily walks. Leaves, twigs, shadows, stones, dead insect shells... A language that has no meaning or significance other than the feelings they evoke, that point elsewhere, beyond themselves.

See what happens when you sit alone, day after day, painting abstractly? There wasn't one other person in the entire building today (or yesterday). Eerie but OK. It gets deep.