Monday, November 22, 2010

Nov. 22, 2010

Damn; an accident in the studio! A strip of wood to which held 3 triptychs became unattached from the wall sometime over the weekend. One painting was torn/scratched, one was scratched (I'd just varnished it on Thursday), one was smudged and has to be touched up (image at left). It could've been A LOT worse but, still, it is freaky to walk in the door and slowly figure out what has happened. I'd rather be painting, eh?

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  1. This piece provokes a sensational multi dimension. The initial quick take to Chinese symbolism is quickly dispersed by thoughts of the working class, a chimney weeper, a task to be achieved, depths of thought stirring, contemplation, a whimsical flash of a lost fish or the archetypical heel of feminism intentionally moving it out of the scene. Then a twist of female power carrying the weight of the worker & of course there is more, but i'll stop now. This work certainly has much to ponder as do so many of your pieces/paintings. I have great respect for the artist in you that prompts such provoking depth. I'll move on to others & comment as well.
    Thank you Mann.