Monday, August 8, 2011

Mon, Aug. 8, 2011

Things, as usual, have been interesting in the studio, as well as throughout the entire world. But I have more control over my world. Slightly. Here are 2 views of a new 18" square painting. Haven't decided which side is up/down (the first image is how I was painting it, for the most part). Nice colors, nice shapes, much ambiguity. And it seems to be nearly completed.
Who is in control here? What is being created? Much chaos and yet it is manageable, non-threatening. Unlike the world economy. But Art is not controlled or threatened by world events; It is much larger than that penny ante stuff. Even if it IS only 18 inches square.

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  1. In spite of looking closer i still see this sign of a young bull or calf, pawing at the ground in front of him.
    Definitely a male species.
    I see the long lashes of his left eye, above his heart.
    It's very gentle. Vulnerable, like a youngster is when unsure.

    When i view it as in the bottom image i see a cacophony of misrepresentation. As if it doesn't belong in this position.