Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday, Nov. 7, 2011

Back to the studio after 9 days in Denver. I'll bring my camera tomorrow, to post photos of new paintings.
As you'll see, the new work is quite different; kind of washy, brushy, empty. Odd. And not as I'd intended. My intention was to have these canvases pretty hard edged and precise. But there is a greater overdrive that dictates what REALLY happens, once the process begins! You could call it intuition or spirituality.

I forgot that I brought one back with me - here it is. 9" x 12" Extremely difficult to show the subtleties of color and brushwork (especially since the images always appear differently on everyone's monitors). Kind of ghostly botanical; I guess that's currently my state of mind.

Remember to click on the image, to see it larger.


  1. Thanks for commenting, Christopher. Good insight. I'm calling it "Biota," which is a term that popped up during a meditation.